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Ionics S.P.A. is a foot detox therapy which uses ionized water to remove the body's toxins by generating a mix of positive and negative ions which are able to attach themselves to impurities that are oppositely charged and eliminating them through the reflex points of the feet by the way of osmosis. Positive ions help in hydration, kill bacteria and fungus on contact, sooth the nerves and is used as a medical disinfectant. Negative ions stimulate the nerves, increase blood circulation and soften tissue.





"I have tounge and throat cancer and was given some E-water, made by the PHUT-C and that was the first drink of water in 7 months. I am on a liquid diet through a port." Glen

"I was diagnosised with brest cancer. My first PHUT-C session within 20 minutes, the pain from the brest biopsy was gone!! Two days later, I had my right foot in one bucket, my left in another and one more for my hands, each with a PHUT-C. After 10 minutes, my right bucket was clear water, and the other two were brown. I have cancer in the left brest, not the right! I feel great and will beat this cancer." Roberta

"My daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and her blood sugar level was 271 before a 30 minute PHUT-C foot bath. Immediately after it went to 215, and an hour later it dropped to 198! the pain in her ankle disappeared too." Pattie I.

"I couldn't walk; I was hopping around the house on one leg. After one session the pain was gone. My doctor told me it probably took out the lactic acid. I don't care what it did, I am pain free." L.N.